1. Vacuum regularly: This is the first line of defence to maintain look and life of commercial carpet.
  2. Install an effective matting system: Studies have shown that 80% and more of the dirt and debris in a building is tracked in on the bottoms of shoes.
  3. Do not leave cleaning chemicals in the carpet: It is essential to ensure that all traces are removed after cleaning and that the carpet is completely dry before the room is returned to regular foot traffic.
  4. Prioritize spot cleaning: The best way to minimize permanent staining and carpet damage is to act on spills, spots and stains as soon as they appear.
  5. Vary your maintenance schedule based on weather: The key to removing the sand, salt and debris that are tracked into a building during those wet, soggy, snowy days of winter, is scheduling the labour required to remove it.

If you apply those tips, you will be able to save on the costs of your carpets and extend their utility life.