The food and beverage industry is always innovating to better meet consumer demand and food safety requirements. The current pandemic is obliging us to strengthen plant sanitation procedures well beyond production lines.

Employee safety has become priority number 1

Since the onset of the pandemic, Sani Marc has been adapting to new needs in the food & beverage industry. Among them is protecting the safety of employees with adequate hand hygiene and personal protective equipmentAs a leading Canadian manufacturer of sanitation solutions and chemicals, Sani Marc has long provided these and other disinfectant products to the health sector and was able to quickly adapt its offering to the specific needs of food & beverage customers so that they can properly protect their employees as well.  

 Adapting to an unprecedented situation

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Social distancing and the risk of outbreaks have exacerbated staffing shortages in plants. Productivity and bottom lines alike have both sufferedBy automating procedures and systemsfood & beverage plants can boost productivity and keep operations stable amid labour shortages. 

Industry 4.0: Optimizing production line sanitation in the food & beverage industry and chemical consumption – from a distance!

Industry 4.0 – a.k.a the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT – facilitates plant automation. It uses the vast amounts of data being collected on processes and equipment performance to automate sanitation procedures, verify the precision of tasks, and communicate any potential problems to plant supervisors. This can lead to significant cost savings by reducing downtime during sanitation procedures, along with water consumption, chemical usage and waste. Sanitation processes can even be controlled using a tablet or smart phone.   

Sani Marc has always been at the forefront of this digital transformation by developing automated tools that allow food & beverage clients to optimize their sanitation operations. Our paperless and web-based computerized systems manage sanitation standard operating procedures in accordance with quality standards and audit protocols. We have also created software that verifies cleaning in place operations with detailed analyses and digital signatures. We have even developed automated tools that continuously monitor the levels of liquid chemicals for more precise mixing and dispensing. Our software can be configured to work within the hygiene and sanitation rules established by each organization as well as by provincial and federal authoritiesThe software can monitor both manual and automated tasks, alerting the appropriate staff of any anomalies or when tasks are not completed as scheduled 

More efficient work methods

Recent world events have brought the benefits of automating sanitation processes into sharper focus for food & beverage professionals. Automation increases productivity and offsets added costs and problems. Sani Marc continues to work with its clients on ROI studies to further adapt its products, technological tools and priorities to their needs.