When it comes how ingredients are listed the labels of cleaning products, there’s no universal “green law” or regulation in Canada that manufacturers must comply with. That means it’s up to cleaning services contractors looking for safer and healthier cleaning products to carefully read the labels of “green” products to ensure they don’t contain any toxic or carcinogenic ingredients.

 Third-party evaluation

Manufacturers truly concerned about the safety of their green products opt to have their formulas accredited by an independent third party that uses open, transparent and impartial standards.

ECOLOGO, created in 1988, is the only official certification in Canada that allows companies to submit products with reduced environmental impact. This globally recognized certification clearly identifies independently certified products that meet strict environmental standards over their entire lifecycle from manufacturing to disposal. ECOLOGO certification applies not only to cleaning products, but to electronics, paper products, office equipment, building materials and toys as well. Its science-based performance criteria have been thoroughly reviewed and audited by several parties. It’s worth noting that the customer or manufacturer is not involved in the evaluation process in any way.

Did you know?

Only the top 20% of products available on the market obtain ECOLOGO certification.

Benefits of ECOLOGO certification

ECOLOGO certification gives products a competitive advantage and differentiation through credible, third-party review and verification by one of the most trusted ecolabeling programs in the world. This certification helps manufacturers create better products while also caring for the environment. ECOLOGO certified products differ from traditional products in that they can help buyers qualify for numerous green building and specification programs, codes, and procurement policies.

ECOLOGO certification also helps consumers make smarter and greener choices by assuring them that the product has reduced environmental and health impacts for both humans and animals.

Choosing environmentally friendly products is just one aspect of green cleaning. To create a healthy environment, the entire process has to be considered – not just the cleaning products being used, but the equipment (vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters or washable and reusable microfibres, for example) and work methods (such as reducing water and energy consumption) as well.