Snow, slush, dirt and ice-melting compounds can have a devastating effect on your floors. Without proper maintenance, you could have damaged floor finish, visibly soiled carpets and an overall appearance that can call into question the safety and cleanliness of your facility – all in a few short weeks! Moreover, repairing thdamage in the spring could be a strain on your budget. 

Here are 5 tips for keeping your floors looking clean and preventing premature wear: 

  1. Prepare your floors. Scrub and recoat hard floors with a protective coat of floor finishApplying a protective coat of floor finish before winter hits will help avoid irreparable damage from salt, dirt and debris. This protective coating can also save you from having tdo a costly and time-consuming strip and refinish in the spring.
  2. Have your winter equipment readyA wet dry vacuum, carpet extraction equipment, a blower and wet floor signs should be available and easily accessible. Make sure your auto-scrubber is in good working order and that the squeegee doesn’t leave any streaks. Have a clean bucket, wringer and mop on hand to quickly pick-up spills and excess moisture near entrances, elevators and reception desks.
  3. Switch to a winter cleaner. A specialized winter cleaner such as Vert-2-Go Storm Rinse will remove ice melter residue and prevent a white haze from forming on your floors and carpet and matting.
  4. On harsh winter days, assign someone to remove excess moisture from entrance matting and clean traffic lanes on carpets at regular intervals using either a wet dry vacuum or a carpet extraction machine. This will avoid tracking salt and moisture throughout your buildingBy removing excess moisture, you also reduce slips and falls and eliminate foul odours from moisture building up below the matting.
  5. Remove any unsightly residue from carpets and mats by pre-spraying the soiled areas with Vert-2-Go Storm Rinse, waiting 2-3 minutes and removing the soils and moisture with either a wet dry vacuum or carpet extractor.  

By following these tips, your facility will be visibly clean and you’ll avoid floor damage that will lead to costly repairs in the spring. Clean surroundings let building occupants and visitors know you care about their health and safety, which is an important consideration during this challenging pandemic period. For more information, or advice on selecting the products that best suit your needs, contact a Wood Wyant representative.