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For Hydrotherapy, tub cleaning and desinfecting, is the 0,5% hydrogen peroxide based Saber desinfectant.

Purging and disinfectinf requires 1:16 dilution (64 ml /L)

Sanitizing requires 1-128 dilution (8 ml /L)

Saber has both the general bactericide capability and general virucide claims and is effective at 1-16 againt non-enveloped virus.

Steps for a tub without chemical dispenser

  1. Ensure that you have all the tools and supplies you will need.
  2. Drain tank completely. Close drain.
  3. Ensure to measure how much water is in the tub to be sure we have added enought Saber. Figures to be added baser on 260 liter tub needing 960 nks oer 15 liters of water.
  4. For customer adding manually, we will need the figures for both the Saber and de-foam. In order to reduce de amount of foam generated, add 5% of the volume of the Saber in the tub to knock back foam generation.