Few people would ever embark on a hike through the Canadian Rockies without a map and a compass. The unfamiliar terrain can be dangerous without reliable guidance. For small or medium-sized processors with limited resources, navigating the plethora of regulations and standards for an organic sanitation program can seem as challenging as a hike in the Alberta backcountry. And facing an audit can be daunting.

Existing maps are confusing

Together, the Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards and The Permitted Substances Lists (or PSL) established by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) form the roadmap for organic processors. The PSL itemizes the cleaning products that are considered organic.

The problem with the PSL is that some of the chemical names on it are actually variances of the same name, which can be very confusing when processors compare the list with ingredients on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the products used in their facility.

Additionally, some chemical suppliers have chosen to remove non-organic ingredients from the SDS, even though they remain in the formulation, which can be misleading. To combat this practice, auditors are demanding access to the confidential formulations more frequently, and withholding organic approval from chemical suppliers that do not comply, but his does not help processors in the short term.

Sani Marc provides a compass

 Sani Marc has helped hundreds of processors across Canada successfully pass organic audits with relative ease. Our Product Reference Guide for Organic Production was developed to meet the requirements of the Canadian organic industry and, like a compass, is a reliable resource for helping producers make sound choices for their organic sanitation program.

This carefully researched and validated guide identifies products that have been accepted as is, as well as those accepted with certain conditions, and notes references to applicable sections of the CGSB Organic Standards.  The information is clearly laid out to make selection easy and auditors will definitely appreciate its detailed references. We also keep a library of additional documentation for each product that is made available to auditors upon request.  If validation is required, qualified Sani Marc personnel are available to provide guidance.

Successfully navigating organic standards and subsequently achieving Organic Certification, is rewarding on many levels; it leads to consumer confidence, processor’s peace of mind, and increased profitability and Sani Marc is here to help guide you through the process.