Spring is back and it’s time to let the sun shine in. But first you need to get those windows cleaned. For optimal results, you’ll need to do a bit of prep work and use the right products and tools.

Tips and tricks for perfectly clean windows

  • For easier and faster window cleaning, always clean on a cooler, overcast day. Heat tends to cause glass cleaners to dry out too quickly, which will leave streaks on the glass.
  • Always clean exterior windows by starting at the top and working your way down. The same applies to interior windows, too.
  • Before cleaning the glass panes, first remove any accumulated dust, cobwebs and grease around the window frames, mouldings and woodwork. This preliminary step will keep your cleaning water cleaner and reduce streaking on windows. A broom will do a good job of this on exterior windows.
  • To clean glass, you can use conventional paper towels, but rubber squeegee will also work well. But for the very best results, use a microfibre cloth.

New product for truly sparkling clean windows!

A great new product has just been introduced: Vitrex + from Wood Wyant. It’s a versatile, multi-surface cleaner that leaves any glossy surface sparkling clean, whether it’s glass, mirror, stainless steel, chrome or plastic. And after just three applications, Vitrex + prevents fogging, streaking and water stains on glass and mirrors.

Each application leaves a protective film on the surface, reducing the frequency of cleaning. It also evaporates quickly, leaving surfaces clean and streak-free. For impeccably clean windows, try it. You’ll be amazed!