Find out how to adjust your cleaning and disinfection practices and regain public trust! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed cleaning and disinfection habits for the better, it has highlighted the role cleaning and disinfection play in public health and the trust people have in public facilities. With the emergence of new COVID variants, people no longer feel as safe as they once did in public spaces, and this has a direct impact on their choice of shopping, leisure and business activities. In fact, according to a recent survey, 90% of respondents expect the businesses they frequent to make cleaning and sanitation a top priority. More than 75% plan to inquire about a businesses’ cleaning and sanitation practices before they enter, and 80% strongly favour having health officials conduct COVID safety inspections. Cleaning and disinfection practices have become closely associated with trust, and building owners have to rebuild the trust people took for granted prior to COVID-19. It requires a change of approach, but here are three ways to do it. 

  1. Let your cleaning take centre stage 

While COVID-19 has taught everyone the importance of clean surroundings, people have also become more skeptical and more demanding about the cleanliness of the spaces they frequent. Don’t just tell them; show them how your building gets cleaned by scheduling cleaning services during daytime hours. 

  1. Clean more often 

Allowing your cleaning practices to be more visible is great; but it’s even better if you clean more often. Clients and visitors find it reassuring to see touch points disinfected between interactions. It leaves a positive impression and shows them that you take their health and safety seriously. 

  1. Put quality and efficacy ahead of cost 

You’ll get more out of frequent visible cleaning if you have the right products and equipment and your staff is properly trained in best practices. Cutting corners in this area will lead to unnecessary repletion of tasks, wasted products and increased labour costs, so choose wisely. 

Choose Sani Marc 

One more thing you can do to rebuild trust is choose Sani Marc for your cleaning and disinfection needs. You can rely on Sani Marc for a vast array of superior cleaning and disinfection products and solutions and equipment, as well as access to a field team that can train your staff in cleaning and disinfection best practices anywhere across Canada. Sani Marc has been a trusted name in cleaning and disinfection for more than 50 years, offering sanitation solutions for the hospitality, health, restaurant industries among others, which makes us the ideal choice for helping you re-establish trust in cleanliness and safety of your building.