It’s a fact: When it comes to cleaning the areas surrounding your building, a broom simply won’t cut it.

This time-consuming task becomes easier and more affordable with a sweeper. Not only will you save time and labour; you’ll be getting top-notch cleaning performance! Sweepers are easy to use and can turn a long and laborious chore into a no-sweat task, leaving your staff with more time for other jobs. Sweepers are ideal for light, bulky, wet or heavy debris and some can be used both indoors and out. They get the job done in less time, are more effective than manual methods, and require less manpower, which makes them a great long -term investment.

Mechanical or manual walk-behind? 

Sani Marc’s mechanical sweepers are automatic cleaning platforms that use powerful sweeping brushes to collect loose material and deposit it into in high-capacity hoppers. They are available in walk-behind and ride-on models; they have great maneuverability, and work well in a variety of environments from warehouses to greenhouses. Tool-less brush and filter replacement options reduce maintenance times and make machine upkeep a breeze.  

Simpler function, still a clean sweep! 

A manual walk-behind sweeper can also be a great addition to your arsenal of cleaning equipment. They are versatile, well suited for use in a variety of facilities, and can be used in small and large areas alike. Models such as the KM 70/20C  offer reliable performance both indoors and out, are easy to maintain, and don’t require any special tools. A big plus for manual walk-behind sweepers is that they have very few ongoing maintenance costs, and have no batteries to charge or replace.  

Simply a better choice 

Brooms and dustpans are great for small, localized messes but they’re just not practical for keeping exterior surfaces clean. If cutting costs by reducing the time and manpower is your goal, investing in a mechanical sweeper is the way to go. Mechanical sweepers not only do the job faster, they provide more thorough cleaning with the ability to pick up dirt and dust brooms miss.   

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