Did you know that there are 18 times more bacteria on a touch screen than on a toilet handle?

That includes smart phones, tablets, video games, ATMs, grocery store self-checkout machines, self-service kiosks at fast food outlets, airport check-in kiosks and even touch screens in cars. If it’s a touch screen, you can be fairly sure it’s crawling with thousands of germs! What’s more, these microscopic bacteria could be carrying viruses such as E. coli. C. difficile or even MRSA.

Should you be worried?

In theory, you needn’t fear touching these surfaces, even if they are particularly dirty – provided you immediately wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Contamination is only a problem if you touch a touch screen with your fingers and then direct your fingers towards your eyes, nose or mouth, which are the body’s main “entry gates” for microorganisms. Keep in mind, however, that the average person touches his or her face more than 250 times a day. In other words, the chances of contamination over the course of a single day are high. After all, who washes their hands 250 times a day?

Simple solution

Rather than avoiding touch screens altogether, a smarter approach is to implement a suitable cleaning routine to protect yourself and others from harmful germs.

If touch screens are frequently used, add sanitizing wipes and products specifically designed for cleaning screens to your routine cleaning. It will help prevent bacteria from spreading from one person to the next.

Here’s to “healthy” screen time!