Time to prepare for patio season!

Warmer weather is on the way and with COVID-19 still among us, enjoying outdoor space is more important than ever. Follow these simple steps to get your outdoor furniture summer ready: 

  1. Wear appropriate PPE. 
  2. Spray the furniture with VERT-2-GO EVERCLEAR .
  3. Use a brush or sponge to scrub surfaces.   
  4. Rinse thoroughly with a hose fitted with a spray nozzle. 
  5. Allow pieces to air dry before allowing building residents or guests to enjoy their use. 

You too can wash your windows like a pro!

Simply coat your window with an even layer of cleaning solution, cut a dry edge around the window with your squeegee, then remove the cleaning solution by moving your squeegee in an S pattern. This prevents water from being dragged downward onto your clean glass and leaves less water to be wiped at the end.   

Want to see it in action?
Watch the video 

Spot clean your carpet – with a spoon! 

For a fresh soil that’s still wet, blot the spot with a clean white cloth to remove as much moisture as possible. Using a cleaning solution like Vert-2-Go Carpet & Fabricdraw a circle around the stain, then apply the solution inside the circle, taking care not to oversoak the spot. Allow the dwell time indicated on the label. Using a spoon, gently scrub the spot, working from the outside to the centre. This will lift solids and dissolve any dried liquid. Blot with a clean white cloth and repeat the entire process if necessary. 

Nettoyez les taches sur vos tapis – avec une cuillère! 

Quand le plancher est encore mouillé, épongez la tache avec un chiffon blanc propre afin d’éliminer le plus d’humidité possible. À l’aide d’une solution nettoyante comme Vert-2-Go Bio Tapis et Tissus, dessinez un cercle autour de la tache, puis appliquez la solution à l’intérieur du cercle, en veillant à ne pas trop imbiber la tache. Laissez agir comme on l’indique sur l’étiquette. Avec une cuillère, frottez doucement la tache de l’extérieur vers le centre du cercle. Cela délogera les éléments solides et dissoudra tout liquide qui a séché. Épongez avec un chiffon blanc propre et répétez toutes les étapes au besoin. 

Why does my closet smell so bad? 

Wet boots, coats and floor mats can leave a lingering odour in cloak rooms, locker rooms and closets. The excess moisture on these items promotes the growth of mildew and bacteria, causing a foul odour. Fortunately, if you use a product like Vert-2-Go Bio Odour Control, you can eliminate these odours without leaving any residue or overbearing fragrance.

WARNING: Danger zones on walkways and floors 

Even after you’ve applied ice melt and invested in quality entrance mats you will still need to deal with the occasional ice patch or deep puddle on your walkway, or excess water on your floors, all of which can be hazardous. Preventing slips and falls your floors and walkways comes down to two things: 1. Good housekeeping and 2. Good signage.  Be diligent about shoveling excess ice and debris from your walkway and mopping up excess water from your floors and stock up on two-sided signs you can use to warn people about slippery surfaces. Keep your staff, visitors and yourself safe! 

My entrance mats are soaked. Help!

If your entrance mats are getting soaked due to snowy weather and high traffic, you’ll need to control the accumulation throughout the day. A wet dry vac is ideal for this.  Simply removing moisture from your mats frequently during the day prevents the water from ending up on your floors where it will require additional maintenance. Moreover, keeping excess water off your floors goes a long way towards preventing slips and falls and preserving the floor’s finish.  

BONUS TIP: The closer you can store the wet dry vac to your main entrance, the more likely (and more frequently) it is to be used.  

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