Environmentally responsible commercial buildings are growing in popularity, according to the findings of researchers from the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Green buildings boast more than simply environmentally responsible construction. The maintenance companies that clean them also play an important role in their appeal to potential commercial tenants through the products they use and the environmentally-friendly procedures they follow. It goes without saying these maintenance companies share the same financial goals as the owners of such buildings.

These days, identifying environmentally responsible products is relatively easy, thanks in large part to the certification seals on their labels (such as the EcoLogo stamp). The same applies to choosing high efficiency equipment like vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors, which can help companies to meaningfully reduce their environmental impact. Other “green-thinking” cleaning systems have emerged in recent years as well, including microfibers, automatic dilution systems and pressure washers.

Greater efficiency

It’s worth knowing that green cleaning does not mean substandard cleaning, despite the fact that some people still believe that environmentally-friendly products are ineffective or hard to use. And yet, results increasingly show that green products outperform traditional products. Adopting green cleaning practices will also go a long way. Even though most green products pose no risks for the user, training all staff on their proper handling and use will undoubtedly lead to safer, more efficient cleaning.

Ecological sustainability

“Ecological sustainability” is another concept that has evolved over the year. There used to be a time when these two words were seen as very distinct concepts. A facility could be “green” but not necessarily “sustainable” (or the other way around). However, these two terms are closely linked.

“Ecological sustainability” now refers to protecting ecosystems by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, actively managing renewable natural resources, optimizing waste management, maintaining natural biodiversity, achieving LEED certification and more.

The matter of profitability

By using eco-friendly products (which are safer for users and in some cases more powerful), professional cleaning companies can reduce workplace injuries for employees (and in turn, compensation claims) and even staff turnover.

The bottom line is that many green products are designed to work better and longer than traditional products, while also increasing customer satisfaction. Going green can really pay off!